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Social Security Matters: Ask Rusty – What will my wife’s survivor benefit be?

Dear Rusty: I am a 68-year-old retired male and had planned on waiting to collect Social Security benefits beginning at age 70. My wife is currently ... Read more

Guest opinion: Rural location should not prevent business from receiving help

By Johnathan Hladik While states are beginning to reopen in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are still hurting. They will be for some ... Read more

memorial day

Gig Line: A Widow’s Memorial Day

Our incredible Memorial Day originally came about to honor military personnel who had died during the Civil War (1861-1865), however, over the years it expanded ... Read more


Letter to the Editor: Regarding letter to President Trump about COVID-19

To the Editor: Americans are world-renown for working together in the face of adversity. In that spirit, seventy (70) scientists, economists, medical professionals, etc. co-signed ... Read more


Letter to the Editor: What health and safety measures have been taken?

To the Editor: All of the full time residents of Corolla and Corova know that there isn’t a hospital in Currituck County. We are also ... Read more


Letter to the Editor: Something missing in the media

To The Editor, Seems there’s something missing now in the media that surprises me and perhaps you too. What seems to be missing is the ... Read more


One on One: Taking a punch

By D.G. Martin “And he can take a punch.” A former colleague was describing John Gleeson, who popped into the news last week when U.S. District ... Read more

the virus

You Decide: Will we regret the rescues from the crisis?

By Dr. Mike Walden The coronavirus crisis continues to be “the” story of our day. Few events have hit our lives and our economy with ... Read more

memorial day

Gig Line: A very important read!

If you read my last week’s Gig Line, you may remember that I had discussed my hope to locate some affordable masks for veterans. You ... Read more


Letter to the Editor: Mask-wearing important to stop the spread of COVID-19

To the Editor: Welcome to the OBX . . . the next COVID-19 hotspot! As we open the floodgates (AKA the bridges) to all the ... Read more

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